RFID Journal Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 RFID Journal Award winners!

Each year, RFID Journal recognizes companies that have distinguished themselves by their successful use of radio frequency identification (RFID) or introduction of a valuable new RFID product or service. A group of more than 25 independent judges selects finalists in each of eight categories.

Best RFID Implementation in Retail:  VISA – for its use of RFID to pioneer a seamless and cashier-free checkout experience for its customers

Best RFID Implementation in Manufacturing:  General Motors – for its use of RFID to transform the way it tracks tools at its locations and those of its vendors.

Best RFID Implementation in Health Care:  The Adana Integrated Health Campus Project – for its use of an RFID asset-management system, an RFID zonal-tracking solution, a real-time tracking system, a safety-monitoring solution and an environmental-monitoring system, all of which make it possible to handle 16,000 patients per day.

Best RFID Implementation in Supply Chain/Logistics:  Ternium – for its use of RFID to track trucks and other vehicles that interact with inventory to automate and optimize the dispatch process.

Best RFID Implementation (Other):  Codelco – for its use of RFID to control the production and equipment in its El Teniente mine, the world’s largest underground mine.

Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service:  Information Mediary – for its use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in its Medic smart syringe pack, which uses an on-board RFID tag to store the date and time when a printed sensor detects a break, indicating a patient has removed medication from the package.

In addition, RFID Journal presented the Best New Product award to Bluvision (part of HID Global) for its tamper-evident Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon system for condition monitoring, to help users determine the performance and health of machines, conveyor belts, bearings, HVAC systems, medical equipment and other machinery.

Furthermore, RFID Journal’s editors gave the 2018 RFID Special Achievement Award to Kami Saidi, HP’s head of manufacturing and supply chain operations in Latin America, for his leadership of HP’s pioneering RFID projects in Brazil, which include the tracking of printer production and ink cartridges for recycling

Check back for updates on how you can enter the 2019 RFID Journal Awards.