RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibitor Spotlight

The information below is from our 2018 event. The RFID Journal LIVE! team is working on this information for our 2019 event. Please check back for updates.

Exhibitor Spotlight Sessions
Wednesday, April 11

These special sessions will be held in the Awards Theater, in the Exhibit Hall, to highlight some of the great solutions available at RFID Journal LIVE! 2018.

1:00 PM
Easy Wins in RFID: Avoiding the “Science Project” Scenario
RFID has a lot of potential and promise, yet comes with considerable hype and unrealistic expectations that often cloud easy wins and attainable ROI. This session will focus on finding the low-hanging fruit value propositions that simple, effective RFID
solutions offer, and on avoiding the pitfalls and complexity that can turn simple implementations into never-ending science projects.
Speaker: Christian Huff, ORBCOMM

1:20 PM
How RAIN RFID Can Help You Manage Your Data Center and Mission-Critical Assets
Today’s data centers face many challenges. As facilities grow, the ability to manage inventory, asset utilization and power consumption becomes increasingly difficult. Omni-ID, RFID Global Solution and Impinj will discuss how customers are benefiting from RFID partnerships. By working together, partners can provide complete solutions to manage data centers and their valuable assets. Learn why Cisco and other firms have turned to RAIN RFID systems to better track their IT assets.
Speakers: George Reynolds, Omni-ID; John Rommel, RFID Global Solution; John Frederiksen, Impinj

1:55 PM
ST SmarTAG: NFC-Enabled Sensor Node
STMicroelectronics’ SmarTAG is a sensor node that can sense temperature, humidity, pressure and motion levels, and then transmit that data when triggered by an NFC reader. It can be scaled down based on the requirements of several applications, ranging from supply chain, asset tracking and medical to predictive maintenance, smart apparel, packaging and agriculture. Learn about the ST SmarTAG evaluation kit, and find out how its deliverables can help firms accelerate their own designs.
Speaker: John Tran, STMicroelectronics

2:30 PM
Smart Label Highway
As the scale of RFID deployments continues to grow, how can current smart label production methods be improved to meet the increasing demand? Voyantic will provide an expert view into various alternatives for how to deliver a higher capacity from current and future production lines. In fact, the presenter will demonstrate a label personalization factory without a factory.
Speaker: Juho Partanen, Voyantic