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Industry Tracks

RFID Journal LIVE! 2020 features 17 industry tracks, including one-day track sessions, and some two-day track sessions. Below is a list and a brief overview of all of the tracks offered at RFID Journal LIVE! 2020.

Industry-Related Tracks

Retail and Apparel (April 29th & 30th)
Retail and Apparel companies are employing RFID to achieve major benefits in stock accuracy and efficiency. This track will focus on highlighting companies in the retail industry sharing their case studies of successful RFID deployments.

Manufacturing (April 29th & 30th)
Manufacturing companies are employing RFID and IoT technologies to achieve major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. This track will focus on showing companies how they can cut costs and boost efficiencies by tracking tools, jigs, reusable containers, work-in-process, finished inventory and more.

Defense/Aerospace/Government (April 29th & 30th)
Boeing and Airbus are requiring that RFID tags be applied to airplane parts and shipments. This follows the U.S. Department of Defense’s long-standing policy to use RFID to track shipments of most of the goods it purchases. Other aerospace and defense companies are using RFID and IoT technologies to cut costs and streamline business processes. Hear the latest case studies.

Health Care/Pharmaceuticals (April 29th & 30th)
In the health-care field, hospitals and other medical facilities are employing RFID and IoT technologies to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing and reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications. Learn how RFID and IoT are impacting ROI in the health-care environment, while also improving efficiencies.

Supply Chain/Logistics (April 29th & 30th)
RFID and IoT sensor technologies are improving operational efficiencies in logistics. Learn how companies are improving pick accuracy and auditing all outbound shipments to ensure the right items are delivered. Hear how firms are using RFID and IoT technologies to manage reusable containers, monitor the condition of perishables and achieve substantial cost savings.

RFID in the Automotive Industry (Thursday, April 30)
RFID and IoT solutions are being deployed within the automotive industry for many outcomes such as to boost the efficiency of the assembly process, and to track and trace products. In this track, companies will share their successes with deploying RFID and IoT technologies.

RFID for Airline Baggage Tracking (Tuesday, April 28)
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has developed global standards for the use of radio frequency identification tags to track the position of baggage in real time. Learn how companies are rolling out RFID for airline baggage tracking.

RFID in Entertainment, Hospitality and Events (Tuesday, April 28)
RFID and IoT technologies are being used by multiple companies within the Entertainment, Hospitality and Events industries to increase productivity and efficiency. By attending this track you will hear case studies from companies who have successfully deployed RFID and IoT solutions and have seen impressive results.

RFID in Energy and Construction (Wednesday, April 29)
RFID and IoT technologies are being used in the energy and construction industries for many purposes, such as managing the location and security of products, and improving the efficiency of inspections at construction sites. Learn how companies in these industries are using these tools to increase efficiency in their businesses.

Technical and How-To Tracks

The Fundamentals of RFID (Tuesday, April 28)
RFID Basics will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. In other sessions a history and education surrounding the emerging technology will be provided.

Understanding the Value of RFID and the Future of Intelligent Labels (Tuesday, April 28)
Learn how to partner with the right company and develop a successful RFID business strategy as well as understand more about the RFID market. This program is designed specifically for label converters and packaging companies.

RFID/IoT in Warehouse and Inventory Management (Tuesday, April 28)
This track will give an introduction on how to benefit from deploying RFID and IoT technologies within a warehouse, by helping to manage inventory and coordinate supply chain.

Bluetooth Beacons Application (Tuesday, April 28)
This track will cover bluetooth beacon standards and components, including the core of successful beacon applications.

Internet of Things (Wednesday, April 29)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term used to cover technologies that give network connectivity to everyday objects, from wearable computers to common products. How will companies benefit from IoT technologies? What strategies should companies use to take advantage of the Internet of Things, and which technologies will dominate the IoT? This track will answer these and many other questions.

Technology and Infrastructure (Wednesday, April 29)
This conference track will take an in-depth look at the elements of an RFID infrastructure, including standards, tags and readers, as well as how they should be set up to capture useful data.

RFID and Blockchain (Thursday, April 30)
The continued development of blockchain technology has enabled businesses to conduct secure transactions. Many businesses are already seeing benefits by using blockchain technology combined with RFID, and are prepared to share their insights about those benefits, as well as the implementation issues they needed to address before achieving them.

Innovation (Thursday, April 30)
This track will feature case studies of new and innovative uses of RFID and IoT technologies in a variety of industries. Stay ahead of products and applications that are changing the way in which companies do business, and be the first to see cutting-edge research from labs around the world.

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