Post-Conference: Training Classes

The information below is from our 2018 event. The RFID Journal LIVE! team is working on this information for our 2019 event. Please check back for updates.

RFID Journal LIVE! features two post-conference training classes on April 12. Below is a brief description of each class and a link to the sessions in each one. Choose an All Access Pass or a Training Pass to gain access to the post-conference training classes, or you can add-on a class to another pass.

Below the information on the postconference training classes you will find information about the RFID Journal LIVE! keynotes and general sessionspreconference seminars and workshops, conference tracks and co-located IEEE RFID 2018 event.

Master Class: Benchmarking UHF RFID Hardware
This instructor-led master class, presented by RFID4U, will provide an introduction to developing a set of common benchmarks for comparing the performance of UHF RFID readers and tags based on specific applications of the technology. After a quick overview, the presenter will discuss the top-10 recommendations for benchmarking UHF hardware.
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RFID Applications Developers Master Class
This instructor-led course, part of RFID4U’s Fast-Track series, teaches software application developers how to build the next generation of rich, interactive RFID applications for passive UHF readers and peripherals. Live presentations and demonstrations provided throughout the course are designed to offer students an opportunity to gain practical experience with the skills and concepts covered during the lectures, and include such topics as how to optimally capture reads in different scenarios, like conveyor belts, door portals, forklifts and handheld devices. In addition, participants will learn how to make decisions regarding performance and scalability, by selecting native API programming (including vendors’ SDKs) versus middleware. Participants will also understand structures such as ROSpec, AISpecs AccessSpec and RFSurveySpec, available via EPCglobal’s Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP).
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Other Aspects of the RFID Journal LIVE! Agenda

In addition to the eight conference tracks described above, RFID Journal LIVE! also features these educational elements:

Keynotes and General Sessions
LIVE! has an opening keynote address on April 10, along with a general session presentation, and another opening keynote on April 11, followed by two general sessions. You can view these sessions on the Keynotes page. These sessions are open to all pass holders.

Preconference Seminars and Workshops
LIVE! features eight preconference seminars and workshops on April 10. You can learn about these by visiting the Preconference page. Preconference seminars are open to those with an All Access Pass or a Preconference Pass.

Conference Tracks
LIVE! features eight concurrent conference tracks on April 11 and April 12. You can learn about these by visiting the Conference page. All conference track sessions are open to those with an All Access Pass or a Conference Pass.

Co-Located IEEE RFID 2018
IEEE is co-locating its RFID technical conference with RFID Journal LIVE! You can learn about this three-day event by visiting the Co-Located Events page. The IEEE RFID 2018 event is open to those with an All Access Pass or a IEEE RFID 2018 Pass.

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