Preconference Seminars and Workshops

The information below is from our 2018 event. The RFID Journal LIVE! team is working on this information for our 2019 event. Please check back for updates.

RFID Journal LIVE! features eight concurrent preconference seminars and workshops on April 10. Below is a brief description of each and a link to the sessions in each one. Choose an All Access Pass or a Preconference Pass to gain access to any sessions in the eight preconference seminars and workshops below.

Below the information on the postconference training classes you will find information about the RFID Journal LIVE! keynotes and general sessionsconference trackspost-conference training classes, and co-located IEEE RFID 2018 event.

Preconference Seminars and Workshops

RFID Basics: The preconference seminars open with an RFID Basics sections that all Preconference Pass holders are welcome to attend. This session, presented by RFID Journal Founder and Editor Mark Roberti, covers the basics of RFID technology and the terms you will hear during the conference. After the Basics session, the individual seminars will begin in separate rooms.

Item Level Retail & Apparel
Retailers worldwide are employing RFID to track individual items, thereby improving inventory accuracy and enabling them to have products on shelves when customers want to buy them. During this workshop, you will hear where the benefits are and how to achieve them and how RFID enables true omnichannel retailing.
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RFID/IoT for Warehouse and Inventory Management
RFID represents an opportunity to greatly improve inventory visibility and management, and to automate some common tasks, such as receiving. During this preconference, you will learn about specific RFID technologies for warehouse and inventory management within the supply chain. You’ll also take home some very practical tools, methods and implementation best practices to get your project started on the right path immediately.
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RFID Strategy and Best Practices
This workshop, presented by RFID Journal Founder and Editor Mark Roberti, is designed for senior executives of companies that have already deployed—or currently seek to deploy—RFID systems. It will focus on helping businesses formulate an RFID strategy that will lead to greater competitive advantage and shareholder value and to adopt best practices that will ensure a successful outcome.
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Bluetooth Beacon Workshop
The Bluetooth beacon market is growing rapidly and offers products that compete with, complement and incorporate RFID technology. This one-day, hands-on workshop will teach participants how to design and deploy BLE solutions.
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Understanding the Value of RFID and the Future of Intelligent Labels
These days, RFID-enabled intelligent labels are catching on in many industries. Radio frequency identification technology is increasingly prevalent in the apparel market segment and its benefits are well established. RFID is delivering a growing level of efficiency and traceability, making it increasingly important for companies around the world to adopt this transformative technology. This workshop, presented by Avery Dennison, will offer advice on how to enter and understand the RFID ecosystem. The company’s experts will explore the trends and demands shaping the future of RFID, provide insights into selecting appropriate inlays, share best practices for converting processes and review testing methods to ensure whether converted labels are functioning properly before they are shipped to customers. Join Avery to discover how intelligent labels can unlock new business opportunities.
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RFID for IT Professionals
This seminar will explain how to build a complete software architecture, including the structure of RFID-based visibility data that enterprise applications consume, the data-capture software that creates this information, and the various architecture and product choices that an IT architect faces in building and deploying a successful system.
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Asset Tracking Essentials
Most companies have tools, jigs, prototypes, reusable containers, IT equipment and other assets  that they struggle to track. RFID makes the job much easier and reduces the capital expenditure required to replace lost or misplaced assets. This seminar is designed to help companies use RFID to track assets more efficiently.
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RFID Journal University
RFID Journal University is designed to provide those new to radio frequency identification with the foundational knowledge needed to begin understanding how RFID can be applied to solve specific business problems, so that you can choose the right option for a specific application and select the proper vendors to achieve a successful outcome.
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You can also browse all of the Preconference Seminar and Workshop sessions.

Other Aspects of the RFID Journal LIVE! Agenda

In addition to the eight conference tracks described above, RFID Journal LIVE! also features these educational elements:

Keynotes and General Sessions
LIVE! has an opening keynote address on April 10, along with a general session presentation, and another opening keynote on April 11, followed by two general sessions. You can view these sessions on the Keynotes page. These sessions are open to all pass holders.

Conference Tracks
LIVE! features eight concurrent conference tracks on April 11 and April 12. You can learn about these by visiting the Conference page. All conference track sessions are open to those with an All Access Pass or a Conference Pass.

Post-conference Training
We have added two post-conference training classes on April 12. You can learn about these by visiting the Post-Conference page. Post-conference training classes are open to those with an All Access Pass or a Training Pass.

Co-Located IEEE RFID 2018
IEEE is co-locating its RFID technical conference with RFID Journal LIVE! You can learn about this three-day event by visiting the Co-Located Events page. The IEEE RFID 2018 event is open to those with an All Access Pass or a IEEE RFID 2018 Pass.

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