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Thank you for your interest in RFID Journal LIVE! 2020. Whether you’re interested in exhibiting or are just looking for information, we’re here to help.

New Exhibitors

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Returning  Exhibitors:

Please contact your sales representative today with any questions that you may have.

Companies A-M
Alan McIntosh, Senior Director of Sales
+1 631-770-3915

Companies N-Z
Matthew Singer, Senior Director of Sales
+1 631-770-3916

If your company is based in China and you are interested in exhibiting, please contact our exclusive agent in China:

如果您是来自中国的企业,关于参展事宜,请联系我们在中国的独家代理 – 北京思源国际展览


UICE – United International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

项目组经理 Project Team Manager

谭小姐Cynthia Tan

电话: 010-58673216

手机: 13810538503(同微信)

邮箱: cynthiatan@uice-expo.com